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    Monday, May 14, 2018   /   by Karin Head

    Planting The Perfect Spring Container Garden

    Spring is a wonderful time to plant container gardens around the outside of your home to add some color and curb appeal. After the winter season is complete, it’s refreshing to see bright colored flowers and watch things grow! Container gardens are great for all types of homes, but they’re an especially excellent option if you live in an apartment or home with limited yard space. Here are some tips for creating the perfect container gardens for spring.
    Pots – The possibilities are endless when it comes to pots for your container garden. Your local home improvement store or plant nursery is likely to have an abundance of different pots from which to choose. Additionally, recycled items from around your home can make fantastic containers. Anything that has space for compost will work — including cans, buckets, fruit trays and colanders. If you choose something that doesn’t have holes in the bottom, use a drill to create some drainage holes before ...

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    Monday, April 30, 2018   /   by Karin Head

    How to Clean and Inspect Your Gutters

    During a downpour, a clogged gutter can send substantial amounts of water down the side of your home, damaging the siding, foundation and landscaping. Thoroughly cleaning and inspecting your gutters every spring and fall will help to keep them in good working condition.
    To clean gutters, climb a ladder and remove all the large leaves and debris that may be sitting in them. This can be done with a trowel or small shovel. Pay close attention to the area around the downspout. If there is clogging, it won’t drain properly, which can cause your gutters to sag.
    The decomposed debris that you remove will make great mulch or compost for your garden. To remove finer materials, flush the gutter with a hose — starting at the opposite end of the downspout. If the water isn’t draining properly, recheck the downspout to be certain nothing is clogging it.
    Most gutters are held onto homes by using a metal spike and ferrule. Check all the spikes that are meant to go through the gut ...

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    Wednesday, April 18, 2018   /   by Karin Head

    Rising Prices Help You Build Your Family’s Wealth

    Over the next five years, home prices are expected to appreciate, on average, by 3.6% per year and to grow by 18.2% cumulatively, according to Pulsenomics’ most recent Home Price Expectation Survey.
    So, what does this mean for homeowners and their equity position?
    As an example, let’s assume a young couple purchased and closed on a $250,000 home this January. If we only look at the projected increase in the price of that home, how much equity will they earn over the next 5 years?

    Since the experts predict that home prices will increase by 5.0% in 2018, the young homeowners will have gained $12,500 in equity in just one year.
    Over a five-year period, their equity will increase by over $48,000! This figure does not even take into account their monthly principal mortgage payments. In many cases, home equity is one of the largest portions of a family’s overall net worth.
    Bottom Line
    Not only is homeownership something to be proud of, but it als ...

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    Monday, April 9, 2018   /   by Karin Head

    Spring Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home

    Spring is here, and there is no better time to break out those cleaning supplies and give your home a deep scrub. Spring cleaning is a terrific way to revitalize your home’s interior! The best first step is to declutter all areas and throw away or donate things that you no longer need. Follow these simple spring cleaning ideas that will leave your home sparkling:
    Cabinets – Over time, your kitchen and bathroom cabinets can collect buildup from grease, hair products and other residue. While you may not be able to see this buildup, you will certainly be able to tell a difference when it is gone. To safely clean your cabinet doors, use a “cabinet cream” that will remove grime and leave the wood moisturized.
    Refrigerator – If you have a stainless steel refrigerator, use a wax-based aerosol spray to make the surface shine. For the interior, remove all shelving and clean with soap and water. Use a sponge or warm cloth to wipe down all interior su ...

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    Thursday, April 5, 2018   /   by Karin Head

    Boomerang Buyers: Most Qualify for Financing in 2-3 Years

    According to a new study from Lending Tree, Americans who have filed for bankruptcy may be able to rebuild enough credit to qualify for a home loan in as little as 2-3 years.
    This is in stark contrast to the belief that many have that they need to wait 7-10 years for their bankruptcies to clear from their credit reports before attempting to apply for either a mortgage or a personal or auto loan.
    The study analyzed over one million loan applications for mortgages, personal, and auto loans and compared borrowers who had a bankruptcy on their credit report vs. those who did not to find out the “Cost of Bankruptcy.”
    The study found that 43.2% of Americans who filed bankruptcy were able to repair their credit back to a 640 FICO® Score in less than a year. The percentage of those who achieved a 640 FICO® Score increased to nearly 75% after 5 years. The full breakdown of the findings was used to create the chart below.

    Americans who were able ...

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