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Be Sure Your Home Will Pass the Appraisal Before You List It

Tuesday, November 21, 2017   /   by Karin Head

Be Sure Your Home Will Pass the Appraisal Before You List It

These are some general guidelines that are meant to help you understand how an appraiser looks at your home. Please keep in mind that other items might be flagged; make sure you communicate with your Realtor and lender on the condition of your home. This will enable you to find and solve problems with your home in advance instead of at the end of the transaction.

      • Electrical  -  GFCI outlets in the kitchen and all bathrooms; exposed fuse boxes or wires will be flagged.
      • Foundation  -  There cannot be cracks in the foundation.
      • Handrails  -  Handrails have to be on all staircases with three steps or more (this includes but is not limited to: steps outside to a deck and stairs in a basement)
      • Heating Source  -  A central heating source is required and has to be 100% operational and safe. If a home only has one source of heat and it is from a wood stove or pellet stove, it will need a central heating system. The central heating system must be able to heat the home for a minimum of 30 days without being attended to. 
      • Interior Walls  -  Interior walls must be complete. Sheet rocked walls that are unpainted will not be accepted.
      • Outbuilding  -  Garages, sheds, and/or outbuildings also have to pass the same guidelines as above and must not have chipping/peeling paint or exposed raw wood.   
      • Moisture  -  Moisture found inside of a home will be flagged by an appraiser. Basements are not an exception to this rule. 
      • Paint  -  The inside and outside of the home must be painted; peeling paint will be not be accepted. 
      • Roof  -  Shingles that are curling or missing will be flagged; if the appraiser thinks there is less than five years left on a roof, it will be flagged. 
      • Raw Wood  -  Any exposed raw wood on the exterior of the home that is untreated with paint or stain will be flagged. 
      • Septic  -  The location of the septic tank or leach field must be known, issues would arise if the septic tank has not pumped or serviced in over five years. 
      • Windows  -  If any windows or doors have cracks in them, they have replaced prior to the appraisal.
      • Window and Door Sills  -  Rotting wood, chipping or peeling paint will be flagged.
      • Well  -  The location of the well needs to be known. If its a dug well, please contact your Realtor or lender immediately. A water flow test and complete safety report will be required. 

Note: Please ensure that your home is properly prepared for an appraisal; appraisers adhere closely to the regulations that are put in place and it will assist with preventing any delays. 

Contributed by Ashley McKenzie-Sharpe  

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