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Mocksville, NC | Davie County


June 5, 2013

I live in Davie County yet teach in Forsyth County. You might want to review West Forsyth High School scores. Excellent. Yes, Davie High is old and needs renovation. One high school is not the answer. Davie County needs 2 high schools. I will not vote for one high school.

June 4, 2013

I'm so sad to see the state of this school, as I attended it years ago. I'm concerned the entire focus is on the building and its disrepair. What about the quality of the leadership/teachers. There are some good teachers, but many who should not be there. The school touts their status as a top school in the US. However, I am also looking to teachers as role models. My daughter comes home and tells me about teachers who curse in their classrooms, gossip about other teachers and students, and play favorites. I attended an open house to hear about dancing boots and decided to discourage my daughter from trying out for this. The person in charge discussed things my daughter shouldn't have been hearing. For example, she talked about finding girls naked in the back seat of cars after games and how she had to go pick up girls who were in trouble because they were scared to call their parents. To me, the building is old and we need a new facility. But, we also need a stronger focus on quality teachers. The school seemed to be back on track when Mr. Wallace was there. Unfortunately, the leadership now seems much less effective. Survey your customers- students/parents

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January 15, 2013

. The building is so outdated that it will cost as much to repair it as it would to build a new state of the art school. The great teachers and staff are doing the best they can with the old, outdated building but the County loses some of their best over the controversy. There is a great effort to build a new school so if you're reading this and live in Davie County - be sure and vote YES when the bond vote comes up this spring. The students, teachers, property values and future of Davie County depends on it!

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January 13, 2013

This school is the best school in the state are test scores are the highest in the state. There is nothing wrong with the building a new school is not going to solve the problem.the school is very nice are schools in davie county are the best.

July 28, 2010

Davie County H.S is in such a sad state! Overcrowded, under-valued teachers, highly political arena, poor education, outdated equipment&campus. I had 2 children go thru DCHS & they both 'got by' doing the minimum...no motivation to do more (despite our nagging). Teachers were too overworked/shuffled around to follow up if kids didn't do work so kids learn quick they can hand stuff in whenever & still get credit for it. Students are suffering due to lack of county commitment to update/build a new school. Would rather waste money on everything else but education in the county. I will NOT be sending child #3 there. It's a waste of a building. Bulldoze it!

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December 5, 2009

Zero stars no good! DC is a bottem of the poles. The school system claims to be so great well, my daughter has a field trip coming up and their doing background checks. Makes no sense. Im not giving anyone my ssn#.

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February 17, 2009

Davie High is a great school but its not perfect, no school is, but I believe God sent Mr Wallace to DHS and I know he's made a difference.Alot of the students lack respect for others and themselves.Praise God if they learn how to speak to adults and follow rules, thats something they should have been taught when they were 5.Mr Wallace is a blessing to me!

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July 19, 2008

Davie High is a great school filled with incredible teachers. The sports teams and bands are great. The main reason we moved here is because of the schools! We aren't disappointed in Davie High.

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April 11, 2008

My child currently attends this public high school, and I am not happy with its structure, Davie High School, I believe, is very unsanitary. Such as: bathrooms, cafe' room, and class rooms.

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April 25, 2006

I have had good experiences with the Guidance Counselers, (Mr. McKnight)...I do feel the school is overcrowded and a new high school is needed in a growing Davie County.

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October 17, 2005

Very disappointed in the leadership of administrators in this district. A lot of political motivation precedes academic needs of buildings and students. Preferrential treatment of athletes supercedes academics. My child had a teacher for a whole year who was not highly qualified to even teach that subject.

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July 30, 2005

Good school overall; however, I perceive that priority is given to sports over academics, i.e: lighter workload during sports season. Good after school programs.

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February 24, 2005

Leadership lacks due to increased discipline problems and low moral. Students do not have a a true seasoned high school leader at the helm. Davie is not as prestigious as it once was when I and other family members attended. Students and parents are accommodated in every fashion even when it goes against policy. Sorry, I know many of you don't want to realize this.

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February 21, 2005

An outstanding school hosting a very caring and committed faculty in all areas of the students'lives: academics, the arts, leadership, community involvment, and sports. Overall good student interaction with each other. Strong leadership will continue to keep this school one of the best in the state.

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July 19, 2004

The administration and faculty at Davie High are strongly committed to its students. The teachers work hard to challenge the students and prepare them for life after high school. The extracurricular activities are extensive including the arts, leadership activities, academic competitive teams as well as athletics. The community support of this school is incredible!

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