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Brunson Elementary8

Winston-Salem, NC | Forsyth County


March 1, 2015

Twenty years ago, when my son attended Brunson, it was a fine school. My how times have changed! My grandchild (luckily transferred now) had a terrible experience there. The school is old and damp with a creek running right by it. The lobby, the cafeteria, and the library smell like a sewer! As bad as the physical conditions have gotten, the administration is bland, with no principal in place. The receptionist can be forgiven for her poor English skills, but not her rudeness. The library is an unforgiveable mess run by a slovenly librarian that seems to hate children. My grandchild said no one likes the library because of this old, crochety, grouch who only likes the AG students. If you are stuck at this school, make sure you take your child or grandchild to the public library so he or she can see that not all librarians are "scary," and "mean." Some of the teachers are good.

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January 22, 2015

My child is in the h-ag program and it is terrible. Her teacher is incredibly unorganized and rude. There is one good teacher at each grade level. Mrs. Steele for 3rd grade and Mrs. McGee for 4th grade are both excellent teachers. Otherwise, poor teacher quality throughout the school. If you go visit, just take a few minutes to sit on the couch at the front and observe how the teachers talk to the students. The school is old and run down. There are very few after school activities. The residential population that attend Brunson are largely Spanish-speaking students. The h-ag program is great for some children and highly stressful for others. If you don't have the teachers mentioned above, it will be a long, dreadful year.

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August 1, 2013

The HAG program at this school is amazing! My daughter was challenged for the first time this year with a program that is not only faster paced but more creative. The school is diverse and welcoming and I wish we had started here in Kindergarten!

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June 25, 2012

A very disappointing year. Our child had two very unprepared teachers who did not get along and had no natural leadership qualities themselves. The discontent between the two teachers was very public and created a great deal of contention between parents---Furthermore, our child's homeroom teacher criticized the administration openly and freely to parents as well as students----although he had given her essentially carte blance to structure an alternative program to the one already in place. While a generous offer it came at the expense of some very deserving children

May 3, 2012

My oldest son started here in third grade in the HAG program which has been fantastic for him. We started my younger son in kindergarten and discovered that the non-HAG teachers are just as wonderful as the HAG teachers.

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September 13, 2010

My 2 kids went here 3-5th grades in the HAG (highly Academically Gifted) program, and they had a blast and learned a lot. they were dissapointed they had to go to leave for middle school!

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January 12, 2009

My kids go to this school and they love it! It seems really well rounded and the staff realizes there is more to teaching and learning than just books and test scores. They think outside of the box. We even moved districts and had to fight the school board to keep our kids here! It's worth it!

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