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Southwest Elementary School9

High Point, NC | Guilford County

January 24, 2015

We have both of our children at SWES. We love the teachers and staff! There is great parent/community support and involvement. Our principal has been there a few years now, is younger and has great ideas! The teachers are great and best of all our kids are happy!

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May 3, 2012

This review is towards the woman who said not to send you SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD HERE!!! I had my daughter here in Kindergarten and first grade she was a special needs little girl with her speech REALLY hard to understand. I wasn't impressed with her Kindergarten teacher because of her lack of knowing what happened in the classroom as there was one bully inside the class but I chose to step up and demand better for my daughter and you know I got it.. but instead of being a parent that only complained I decided to get involved really got to know the principal and fell in love with her and her staff! There will always be good teachers, bad teachers and GREAT teachers.. In first grade she went back and I got more involved and she had the best TEACHER who really made my daughter feel like she shined and the kids in her class were so wonderful and polite. I for one would send my special needs child here any day or any year with this staff.. but you as a parent need to step up and be your child's advocate not just switch their schools ... but as for my child if we still lived in NC I would send her to SWE over any other school including private or charter in the area!

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July 23, 2010

SWE is a very structured and academic driven school. I do believe in focusing on academics but to the point where you have a couple children so scared to take the EOG's that they are throwing up in fear. My child had a okay teacher for first and a not so good one for first. I have volunteered and have been involved in the school and the classroom I from what I have noticed I agree with a lot of the other comments pertaining to "military school", "high turn over", teachers not being creative" and the principal as well as the teachers "No because I said so". This school could use a new administration for sure.

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June 16, 2010

I would like to say that we have had another Awesome year at SWES. My son just finished 3rd grade in Mrs. Day's class. She is a wonderful teacher...dedicated to learning. I volunteered in the class once a week & could see how much these kids wanted to learn from her. She makes school fun! We were very concerned about 3rd grade & EOGs. Our son was given all the support needed to excell. I highly recommend Southwest to any new comer.

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December 19, 2008

My child transferred to Southwest from a local Charter School. The teachers she has had have been dedicated, involved and on a much higher level than the previous school. I am very pleased with Southwest.

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October 15, 2008

Well do not take your handicap or special needs child there, I at first thought he would do good there, but with a 27 kids head count in class and lack of them wantign to get more help for him, Within our 1st week I felt he was outsted out at the end like the teachers wanted no part of him. My son was tranferred to a better school .......send them to Colfax. I still 1 kid there at Southwest we'll see.

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September 4, 2008

My family is very blessed to be at Southwest Elementary. We moved here last year from out of state. My son was in first grade with Mrs. Schlanger. We too, were surprised when he was classified as a nonreader. I would just like to say that this teacher goes the extra mile for every student. My son left first grade able to read any book. I am so thankful to the principal for listening to our needs and most of all to his teacher.

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April 13, 2008

We transferred our 4th grade son from a local Magnet school where the teaching and especially the principal were seriously incompetant. Southwest has been a blessing!! Principal Susan Allen welcomed us with warmth and compassion, spoke to us extensively about our child's needs, and placed him in the perfect classroom, Ms. Pearson's 4th grade class. The transition was flawless as Ms. Pearson welcomed him into her close-knit class and went beyond the call of duty to personally get him on track scholastically!! We have found the teaching standards to be high--experience counts!!! The students are orderly and respectful--learning while still having fun and being kids!!! We could not ask for a better school!

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October 3, 2007

I am not able to rate this school in many of the areas listed, since I am not familiar with some of the categories. As the grandparent of a child in the first grade at Southwest last year, however, I would particularly like to recognize his teacher, Ms. Reich. I volunteered in her class and had many opportunities to observe her teaching style. She was the type of teacher I wish every child could have - firm but caring, high teaching standards with creative teaching style, making every effort to meet the individual needs of each child. Southwest is luckly to have her.

October 2, 2007

While this school has had unusually high teacher turnover in recent years it is by far the best elementary school in the city and one of the best in the coounty. We have two children there now and 5 years ago had another. I find the leadership to be very efficient and well-liked. Most of the parents have no idea how lucky they are to have their children in this school.

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June 26, 2007

I feel like my kids are very safe in this school, but I don't feel like it is the best learning environment. My children have only been in the school for one year, but I've spent many volunteer hours in the classroom, so I have a pretty good feel for the environment. It seems like there is more time spent on controlling the kids & keeping them quiet & safe, then making sure they have a healthy, interesting environment to nurture the love for learning.

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July 3, 2006

I just recently found this website and read over the previous comments from other parents. I definitely agree with the negative remarks about the administration. Having volunteered in my children's classrooms and had frequent interactions with the administration, the teachers are very restricted in their teacher styles and creativity. They are micromanaged as if they were completely incompetent. It is all about test performance and not on providing a well balanced education. The teachers are forced to run their classrooms exactly alike despite the varying needs of each class. Most of the teachers and the families of SWE are wonderful, caring and focused on what's best for the students. I new administration would make SWE one of the best schools in Guilford County!

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October 15, 2004

Most of the teachers I have dealt with do not seem to be caring or that well trained in regards to dealing with a child that has ADHD. There are not very many extracurricular activites and the meals are so-so. Principal leadership is on the 'my way' policy and I think that sometimes they go way overboard. Overall the quality of the school is ok.

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August 8, 2004

'Military School' is a bit of an exaggeration, don't you think? I would agree that the principal runs a very orderly and disciplined school but I don't see that as a negative. Behavior issues seem to be dealt with in a fair, consistent manner. I also disagree that parents don't have input. The PTA is one of the most active I've ever experienced. I'm sorry you have not had a positive experience and would encourage you to take advantage of the volunteer opportunities that present themselves throughout the year. Things often seem a certain way from the outside (especially if you are going strictly on information from your children) but are quite different in reality.

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August 5, 2004

I think that the previous two reviews have been very gracious. Southwest definately has it's problems, the biggest being high teacher turn-over and lack of creativity in the curriculum. The principal leadership style is 'We're doing it this way because I said so' with no input from parents or teachers. If you like military school, you'll be very happy here.

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